Save € 1,000 and more per year

Save your money immediately, up to 40% directly in shops, restaurants, and many other services. Owner of VIP DISCOUNT CARD, i.e. customers, buyers and vacationers get from our partners great discounts between 5% and 40%!


Directly and without formalities

We give all discounts to 100% of the cardholder without any a commissions. All discounts and benefits realize directly by deduction in the calculation of the cardholder! No hidden costs, no tricks, no points.


Benefits for the whole life

Your card is valid for life and it becomes more valuable because every day more and more companies accept it and give YOU benefits - worldwide!


Your friends will love you even more

The VIP card is transferable! Your family, friends and colleagues can use the card as well and take profit from all benefits like you.


Only € 99 one off payment

Get thousands of discounts, special offers, gifts, invitations to VIP events and other privileges for a one - time payment of € 99. Gold and Platinum partners can order this card at a reduced price of € 30.


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Vip Discount Card