With MyVipGuide into the future…

About MyVipGuide

Present your business in a completely different way:

Modern, up to date and worldwide. Increase the popularity of your offers through Newsletters, Photo Galleries, Events and Individual Design. Locally, nationally and internationally you will become part of a large community.

Create your own website without help, also easily inserting images and texts yourself and alternating them at any point. Make your choice between “Silver” and “Gold”. As a “Gold”-partner you will receive your own Website with 6 individual pages – without any monthly additional costs.–

Due to the detailed branch categories, partners and other interested people will be able to rapidly and clearly find the best companies and offers. Only when interested parties know YOU, will they become YOUR customers.

It is very straight-forward: Click on Main Categories then go to Sub-categories and you see all Basic-Entries. Every Website has 6 individual pages (Home, Various, Photo Gallery, News, VIP Card, Contact), that can be designed individually. Facebook and Twitter for companies – that´s MyVipGuide. And all for only 8 € a month.

Stagnation means regression.

If you always do what you always have done, you will always be what were. Success means doing things you have not done before and others do not do.

I can´t” – who says that, builds his own borders. The longest journey begins with one step. Only those who dare to take the first step have the opportunity to make it successful.

With MyVipGuide into the future…